How to distinguish the quality of aluminum plate

How to distinguish the quality of aluminum plate?

Aluminum sheet is a kind of aluminum metal product with high hardness, which is widely used in construction, decoration and industrial manufacturing. When we choose to buy aluminum plate, how to distinguish the quality of aluminum plate is good or bad? اليوم, Huawei ALu will share with you a few points to help you identify the quality of aluminum alloy sheets.

1. Check the surface treatment process of aluminum plate

When the manufacturer protects the aluminum plate, the surface will be coated or oxidized to enhance corrosion resistance. The spraying process of the aluminum sheet is different, which is related to the service life of the aluminum veneer. The ranking of aluminum veneer processing technology is: fluorocarbon three-coating>fluorocarbon two-coating>thermal transfer wood grain or stone grain>polyester paint, the higher the quality, the better the price, of course, the more expensive;

2. Check whether the manufacturer is cutting corners during processing

Carefully observe how the surface of the aluminum veneer is treated. Some materials are very thin. لكن, in order to attract customers, many aluminum veneer manufacturers do not hesitate to quote at a lower price than the cost, cut corners to fool around and reduce the thickness of the aluminum plate, but In order to achieve the product thickness required by the customer, the primer is sprayed thickly. This approach prevents the primer from being deeply cured on the surface of the aluminum plate, and it is easy to fade and discolor over time. وبالتالي, when you see a quotation that is much lower than the general price on the market, you must be cautious. After all, there is no good thing in the cheap. If you keep lowering the price, the manufacturer will try to reduce the cost to make a profit. In the end, it is the user who suffers.

3. About the choice of aluminum plate manufacturers

If the quantity of goods is large, you should go to the aluminum plate manufacturer to see, on-site inspection, to see if the factory is big or not, to see whether the machine is advanced, and the production process. For this, you can check “🔗How to choose an aluminum alloy manufacturerorganized by Huawei Alu.

4. Check the raw materials for production

Aluminum is divided into several grades according to the purity. عمومًا, the pros and cons of the curtain wall aluminum veneer material can be judged from the percussion sound, and the sound of good aluminum alloy materials is clear and loud. According to the content of different alloying elements, aluminum plate materials can be divided into 8 سلسلة:
1XXX pure aluminum 99.00% or more,2XXX Al-Cu,3XXX Al-Mn,4XXX Al-Si
5XXX Al-Mg,6XXX Al-Mg-Si,7XXX Al-Zn
لكن, it does not mean that the higher the aluminum content, the better. The aluminum content is too high and the hardness is not enough. وبالتالي, the raw material of the aluminum veneer is mostly aluminum alloy, and copper, silicon, magnesium and other elements are added to increase the hardness of the aluminum plate.

وبالتالي, when choosing, you should comprehensively consider all factors, and choose an aluminum alloy sheet that you can rest assured.

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