4x8 aluminum sheet application

What a 4×8 aluminum sheet can be used?

What a 4×8 aluminum sheet can be used?

4×8 aluminum sheet is a relatively regular aluminum sheet size, which has many application scenarios in industrial and life manufacturing. Common application areas include architectural decoration, signage, sheet metal industry, automotive industry, die stamping, إلخ.

According to their different characteristics, the application of 1-8 series can be divided as follows:
مثل 1 series industrial pure aluminum, aluminum purity is high, widely used in building curtain wall, sign and other industries;

ال 2 سلسلة و 7 series belong to the aluminum-zinc-magnesium-copper alloys, which are often used in the aerospace field because of their high lightness and high hardness after being added to the alloy;

ال 3 series is an aluminum-manganese series alloy with outstanding anti-rust performance, which is widely used in air-conditioning pipes, household appliances, liquid containers, إلخ.;

5 سلسلة, 6 aluminum magnesium silicon series alloys, aluminum plate material is hard, metal strength is high, corrosion resistance is strong, more used in automobiles, السفن, rail transit, 5G communication equipment and other industries.

8 series are other alloys with good plasticity and are often used in packaging scenarios.

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