how to choose a reliable aluminum alloy suppliers

Where can I find reliable aluminum alloy suppliers?

For an aluminum alloy manufacturer, it is crucial to have a reliable raw material supplier. As a processed metal emerging in the market (such as aluminum plate, aluminum coil, aluminum foil, aluminum circle, these star products), aluminum profiles are widely used in industrial production and daily life. When manufacturers process raw materials, in order to ensure the high-quality output of products, it is necessary to choose a high-quality and reliable supplier. So how to choose aluminum alloy raw material suppliers? Here are some suggestions for your reference.

how to choose a reliable aluminum alloy suppliers

1. Whether the aluminum alloy supplier can provide the profile size that meets the customer’s drawing requirements

When manufacturers develop new products, they sometimes adjust their product lines according to market changes, and the dimensions of aluminum profiles will also change. If the supplier does not have the ability to add new molds and production lines, and cannot meet the production of new sizes, then as a customer, you need to find a new aluminum alloy manufacturer, which will increase the time cost. If an aluminum sheet supplier can add new molds and production lines, it will save a certain amount of time and improve production efficiency.

2. Suppliers can provide a variety of aluminum alloys to choose from

There are many types of aluminum alloys, such as aluminum alloy plates, aluminum coils, aluminum discs, aluminum foils, etc. Aluminum alloys are divided into 1-8 series according to the alloy model (1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000). The alloys of each series are different and are also used in different industries. For example, the 5000 series is used in ship boards, the 7000 series is used in aviation, and the 8000 series is used in pharmaceutical packaging. If your product is to be applied to a certain type, you can choose according to the properties of different alloys, or the supplier’s recommendation, you can choose a more cost-effective aluminum alloy for production to a certain extent. Therefore, it is possible to choose a supplier that can provide a variety of alloy grades, and can quickly connect with product development work.
Huawei Aluminum has been engaged in the export of aluminum products for more than 20 years, and can provide 1-8 series aluminum alloys.

3. Can you provide advice on surface treatment?

The surface treatment of aluminum profiles is an important step in production. The surface treatment of aluminum alloy can improve the performance of the product and make the product more beautiful. Therefore, the quality of the surface treatment also determines the quality of the product. If the supplier knows the use environment of the material, he will also know which surface treatment is more suitable to use, and give advice at the appropriate time. For example, when the product uses an oxidized surface, it will be recommended to increase the film thickness to make the product more durable. This can help you solve many professional problems and ensure the quality of products.

4. Will the supplier help review the drawings and provide suggestions

In the process of communication between procurement and aluminum profile suppliers, drawings are very important. Common drawings are CAD, 3D, and PDF versions of drawings are also available. Suppliers can quickly know the requirements of procurement for products. The production of aluminum profiles also requires a certain process, and the analysis and suggestions of professionals can achieve twice the result with half the effort. Huawei Al Metals has very professional aluminum industry instructors. Moreover, if the supplier can help review the drawings and provide revision suggestions, it can help the purchasing staff to communicate with the product department quickly, and can speed up the entire project to move forward in an orderly manner.

5. Can the supplier guarantee product performance and mold development

After confirming the customer’s product drawings, if the existing product line does not meet the production conditions of the current product, the supplier will arrange to open a new mold according to the drawing. This involves some characteristics of the production of aluminum profiles, so the mold is also a very important part. The mold cost of each aluminum profile factory is very different. If the supplier can guarantee the quality and performance of the product mold, the aluminum profile can be produced with good quality, and the production efficiency of aluminum production can be improved to ensure the delivery time.

6. How does the supplier quote? Can the aluminum price be locked in time?

The aluminum alloy quotation of the supplier will also affect the efficiency of the procurement service. Procurement is often faced with more than one supplier. The supplier can timely and effectively send the quotation format to the procurement personnel when quoting, so that the customer can decide the production strategy in a timely manner. And a good quotation format must clearly list the cost of the product, as well as expenses, quality standards, etc.

7. Requirements of aluminum alloy manufacturers for MOQ.

The requirements of MOQ determine the initial investment of manufacturers to develop new products. If the new products have not yet been launched, and there is no plan for the sales side, then the purchase cannot confirm the purchase quantity in the later stage. This also brings some problems to the communication between procurement and suppliers. At this time, the supplier needs to calculate the MOQ based on the quantity of purchased materials, and tell the purchaser how much additional fees will be charged when the order quantity does not reach the MOQ. In this way, the investment in the early stage of the procurement is also clear, and it is convenient to make a decision according to the company’s budget.

8. Can you give advice on cost reduction for new product development?

When it comes to cost, buyers tend to be more careful, because their job is to help the company reduce costs (do their best), so they compare multiple parties to get a better price. However, the product price and the high initial investment are often caused by various factors, and the unreasonable product design is one of the reasons. When the supplier is reviewing the customer’s drawings, if the supplier can give suggestions to modify the drawings and reduce the cost of development and production, it will be of great help to the procurement work.

When purchasing aluminum alloy raw material suppliers, they can comprehensively consider the above aspects, and can also make trade-offs and adjustments according to the actual situation to make the best decision and bring more benefits.—-Huawei Al Metals Share.

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