1050 Kreis aus Aluminium

Legierung 1050,a1050, Al1050
Temperament Ö, H12,H22, H14,H24,H16,H26, H32, H34, T6, T651, H111, H112, H116, H321
Diameter 80-1700mm
Dicke 0.3mm-6.0mm
Länge 100mm-12000 mm
Anwendungen Deep drawing pot, spinning kitchen utensils, aluminum non-stick pan, pot bottom, non-stick pan, kitchen utensils, etc.
Merkmale Hohe Reinheit, Korrosionsbeständigkeit, Oxidationsbeständigkeit, langes Leben
Anbieter Huawei Aluminium

1050 aluminum disc circle material introduction

Was ist 1050 Aluminiumscheibe? 1050 aluminum disc is a kind of industrial pure aluminum, containing more than 99.5% Aluminium (belonging to 1000 or 1xxx series). 1050 Aluminiumplatte hat die Eigenschaften einer hohen Plastizität, Korrosionsbeständigkeit, good electrical and thermal conductivity, but low strength. 1050 aluminum circles are trimmed and cut from thin aluminum sheets, usually formed by extrusion or rolling. Has a wide range of applications.

1050 aluminum circle supplier
1050 aluminum circle product

1050 aluminum disc element content

Legierung Und Fe Cu Mn mg In Von Kr Al
1050 0.25 0.4 0.05 0.05 0.05 0.05 0.03 / 99.5

Aluminum circle 1050 parameters:

Product :1050 aluminum circle disc
Temperament: Ö, H12/H22, H14/H24/H16/H26, H32, H34, T6, T651, H111, H112, H116, H321
Dicke :0.3mm-6.0mm
Diameter :80-1700mm
Delivery time: within 30-45 days after receipt of 30% advance payment
Packing: standard export wooden pallet or according to customer requirements
Oberfläche: The surface is bright and smooth, without defects such as white rust, oil spots, and edge damage.
Anwendungen: reflective sign boards, road furniture, tableware, sandwitch bottoms, Kochutensilien, non-stick pans, etc.
Typ: Circle, Blatt, Coil, Platte, Strip

Classification and comparison of aluminum circle materials

Contrast Dimensions Cast Rolling Continuous casting and rolling Small hot rolled Hot rolled
Common alloy 1050/1060/1100 1050/1060/1100/3003 3003 3003/5454/5754/6061
Common post-processing Spinning, partial deep drawing (need to refer to the finished product size) Spinning, deep drawing deep drawing deep drawing
Common finished surface treatment Ordinary pots and utensils with sandblasting, polishing, light oxidation, and baking varnish on the surface Surface sandblasting, polishing, shallow oxidation, baking varnish, coating, silk screen printing are all available Surface oxidation, coating, silk screen printing and baking paint are all available Surface anodizing, coating and silk screen printing are all available
Represent pot Ordinary set of pots, aluminum pots, steamer sieves, etc. Ordinary set of pots, aluminum pots, steamer sieves, rice cookers Teflon coated wok, deep pan Teflon internally coated silk screen externally coated container, high pressure container
Advantages and disadvantages The processing cost is low and the MOQ is low, the performance is not as stable as hot-rolled material, and there are more concerns about deep drawing, so it cannot be used in the production of pressure cookers and coated cookware; The performance is close to hot rolling, but the processing cost is cheap (casting and rolling +800); the surface color difference is obvious and the coil width is fixed at 1305 mm, and there is a requirement for adaptability to the diameter of aluminum discs, MoQ 6-9 tons/billet The performance is the same as that of hot rolling, but the surface is poor, and the finished product is gray; the processing fee currently known is not significantly different from that of hot rolling (¥200/ton) Good and stable performance, high processing yield, high temperature and pressure resistance, but high price (casting + 2600) MOQ high

1050 aluminum circle factory

Huawei is an aluminum wafer supplier with 22 years of production experience, exporting aluminum wafers to other places all the year round. We can guarantee high-quality products and professional pre-sales and after-sales services. Guaranteed to the buyer to do the following:
1. Guaranteed to be the source factory.
2. The product supports customization.
3. Possess excellent technology and advanced and perfect equipment.
4. Available in various sizes and specifications.
5. The produced wafers are pressure-resistant and drop-resistant
6. Various crafts in the factory area

What are the protective films for 1050 aluminum wafers?

Blue film, electrostatic blue film, transparent film, black and white film, laser film, paper clip, stamping film, stretch film.

1050 aluminum circle films
1050 aluminum circle films

Was ist der Unterschied zwischen 1050 aluminum disc and 3003 disc?

1050 Aluminium vs 3003 aluminum circles

Serie Temperament Legierung Merkmale Anwendungen
1000 Serie
H12 H24 H16 H18 H111 H112
1050 circles 1. Aluminum content: >99%, excellent formability
2. High reflectivity
3. Surface anodic oxidation is stable
1. Ordinary cooking utensils: post-processing: sanding, sandblasting, extruding pot lids; aluminum pots;
2. Lighting accessories: downlights, laminated lights, lampshades for street lights, etc.
3. Instruction signs and building materials: traffic signs, Vorhangfassaden, ceilings
3000 Serie 3003 Kreis aus Aluminium 1. Excellent formability
2. High elongation, can be used in deep drawing process
3. High grain grade, smooth surface and high reflectivity
1. Advanced cooking utensils: post-processing: anodizing, enamel, spraying, deep drawing, usw.; non-stick pan; pressure cooker;
2. Lighting accessories: downlights, laminated lights, lampshades for street lights, etc.
3. Instruction signs and building materials: traffic signs, Vorhangfassaden, ceilings

1050 aluminum circle CC/DC advantages

The wafers supplied by Huawei aluminum circle 1050 factory have the following advantages:
1. Legierung 1050 Aluminiumteller, good drawing quality,
2. The spinning quality of the wafer is good, the shape is good, and there are no four ears;
3. 1050 wafers have good reflective properties and are good for polishing;
4. Disc 1050 anodizing quality is good, suitable for hard anodizing and enamel;
5. The surface is smooth, the edges are smooth, and the hot rolling quality is good.
6. The grain of the wafer is fine, and there is no bending line after deep drawing;

Aluminum circle packaging

Verpackung: Wooden pallet packaging, generally no more than 1.5 tons per piece, for specific packaging details, please refer to the special document: Packaging requirements for aluminum discs.
Loading: self-stacking, the loading limit of 20-foot container is 27.5 Tonnen. Pay attention to the wooden pallet.
Aluminum circle packaging
Aluminum circle packaging

Countries where Huawei 1050 wafers are popular

Angola Burkina Faso Burundi Nepal Saudi Arabien
Jemen Ethiopia Guinea Indien Truthahn
Gabon Gabon Kenia Chile Bangladesch
Morocco Tunisia Zambia Bolivia Colombia

Applications and uses of 1050 Kreis aus Aluminium

Aluminium 1050 circle is widely used in deep drawing cookware, spinning cookware, road signs, building materials, insulation materials, traffic signs, etc.


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