3/16 Aluminiumblech

Legierung 1050,1060,1100,3003,5005,5052,etc
Temperament O-H112,T6,T651
Breite 4'x8′,5×10,5×12,
Dicke 3/16Zoll
Länge 100mm-12000 mm
Anwendungen Konstruktion, boat panels, bodywork, machines, Elektrogeräte
Merkmale Durable, strong and corrosion resistant
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Was macht 3/16 aluminum sheet stand for?

3/16 is a representation of the thickness of the aluminum sheet, which represents the thickness of the aluminum sheet material less than 3/16 inches.What is the thickness of 3/16 aluminum in mm?3/16 aluminum sheet is also 0.1875 inch aluminium sheet, according to the conversion of 1 inch equal to 25.4 mm, 3 16 inch=4.7625mm.

3 16 Aluminiumblech

3 16 aluminum sheet alloy type

3 16 thick aluminum sheet is a popular product from our manufacturer. The production specifications of this aluminum plate are as follows. Gleichzeitig, customized production can be carried out beyond the specifications.

Äquivalenter Name:
  • 3 16 Aluminiumblech
  • 3/16 Aluminiumblech
  • 3/16 Zoll Aluminiumblech
  • 3/16 thick aluminum plate
  • for building boats
  • for trailers
  • aluminium sheet for craft
Aluminum product type
  • perforiertes Aluminiumblech
  • polished 3/16 Aluminiumblech
  • Anodized aluminum plate
  • Farbbeschichtete Aluminiumplatte
  • 4×8,4×10,5×10,5×12,etc
Other Thickness
  • 1 16 Aluminiumblech
  • 1 8 Zoll Aluminiumblech
  • .050 Aluminiumblech
  • .25 Aluminiumteller
  • 030 aluminum sheet metal
  • 1 32 Aluminiumblech

3/16 aluminum sheet alloy type

3 16 aluminum sheet belongs to the range of conventional aluminum sheet in terms of thickness (2.0mm-6.0mm). Among the aluminum alloys, there are many alloy series that are processed into 3/16thickness specifications.

3 16 aluminum sheet alloy specification table

Aluminu Alloy Series Gemeinsame Legierung
1000 Serie 1050,1060,1100,1200
2000 Serie 2104
3000 Serie 3003,3004,3105
5000 Serie 5005,5052,5083,5754,5454
6000 Serie 3/16 Aluminiumblech 6061.6083
8000 seies 8011,8021

3 16 aluminum sheet weight

How to calculate 3/16 aluminum sheet weight? First calculate the weight of 3/16 aluminum sheet to be worth the length and width of the aluminum sheet. We take 4×8 3/16 aluminum sheet as an example(4×8=4’x8′).How much does 4×8 Blatt von 3/16 aluminum weigh? According to the form of weight = density x volume, 3/16 Aluminiumblech 4×8 weight is 38.36kg.

3 16 thick aluminum sheet size Aluminum sheet weight
4×4 Aluminiumteller 19.20kg
4×10 Aluminiumblech 48.00kg
4×12 Aluminiumblech 57.60kg
5×10 Aluminiumblech 60.03kg
5×12 Aluminiumblech 72.04kg

3 16 Preis für Aluminiumblech

The production and processing of aluminum plates requires aluminum ingots as raw materials, so changes in the price of aluminum ingots also affect the price of aluminum plates. In addition, the type, craftsmanship and brand of the aluminum plate also affect the 3/16 Preis für Aluminiumblech. When comparing the price of aluminum sheets, it is necessary to compare the types of aluminum sheets of the same specification, not just the price of the aluminum sheets, regardless of the aluminum content, Dicke, craftsmanship and brand of the aluminum sheets.

316 Aluminiumblech 316 Aluminiumbleche

3/16″ inch aluminum sheet buyers

where to buy aluminum sheet? Huawei Factory exports a large number of aluminum plates to all over the world every year, giving buyers a buying experience of 3/16 aluminum plate near me. Als ein 3 16 Lieferant von Aluminiumblechen, we always put product quality, delivery time, transportation safety, etc. in the first place, and provide customers with the most assured solutions.

3 16 inch aluminum sheet features

1. Easy to process.
After adding certain alloying elements, Die 3/16 aluminum plate can obtain good casting properties.
2. Low density and light weight.
Aluminiumblech 3/16 is much lighter than steel and iron, and is easier to process and transport.
3. High metal strength.
Aluminum 3/16sheet has high strength. After a certain degree of cold working, the strength of the matrix can be strengthened. Some grades of aluminum alloys can also be strengthened by heat treatment. lang anhaltende.
4. Gute Korrosionsbeständigkeit.
The surface of 3/16 aluminum is easy to naturally produce a dense and firm protective film, which can well protect the substrate from corrosion.


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