3003 Lieferanten von Aluminiumkreisen

Legierung 3003 Aluminium
Aluminiumtemp Ö, H12, H14,H18,H22, H24,H26,H32 etc
Breite 20-1200mm
Dicke 0.3mm-12mm
Diameter 80mm-1400mm
Technologie DC Or CC

Was ist ein 3003 aluminum circle disc?

3003 aluminum disc is a deep processing product of aluminum alloy. 3003 aluminum circle is a typical Al-Mn alloy. The aluminum wafer of this material has good formability, good corrosion resistance and weldability, and is also one of the most suitable alloy materials for aluminum wafers.3003 aluminum circle disc are widely used in electronics, Transport, molds, auto parts, machinery manufacturing, automobiles, etc. It is one of the most widely used aluminum alloy sheet deep-processing products.

3003 aluminium circles supplier

Was sind die Merkmale von 3003 aluminum circle disc?

1. Das 3003 wafer has excellent anti-rust performance and can be used for a long time in outdoor environment.
2. The metal has good forming performance, hohe Korrosionsbeständigkeit, and can be well shaped.
3. Aluminum disc 3003 has good weldability and electrical conductivity, and its strength is higher than that of 1100 Legierung.
4. The surface of the 3003 metal disc is smooth and has good plasticity and compression resistance.
5. Das 3003 aluminum circle has shock resistance in use and is not easy to break.
6. Aluminum alloy 3003 has low density and light weight, which is much lighter than copper and steel.

How are 3003 aluminum discs produced?

What is the production site of aluminum circle like? The production of 3003 aluminum circle is not directly made into a circle, but through the feeding car, uncoiler, flattening machine, feeding machine, swing unit, special closed single-point press, these equipments cut and cut the aluminum sheet into discs of the desired diameter.

3003 aluminum circle chemical elements and compositions

Alloy/Element Fe Und mg Mn Cu Zn Von Kr Andere Al
3003 0.70 0.60 1.0-1.50 0.05-0.20 0.10 0.10 0.05 Verblieben

Due to the addition of Fe, Si and other metal elements, Die 3003 series aluminum alloy wafers have improved performance in all aspects, and have more advantages in processing and use.

Was ist 3003 Aluminium alloy used for?

With its excellent metal properties, aluminum wafers are widely used in electronics, daily chemicals, auto parts, Elektrogeräte, machinery manufacturing, aerospace and military industry, kitchen supplies, etc. Zum Beispiel, kitchen utensils such as non-stick pans, pressure cookers, etc. and hardware products such as lampshades, water heater shells, stretch tanks, usw., are mostly made of 3003 aluminum alloy circle.

Aluminum circle for cookware

aluminum circle for cookware3003 aluminum circle for aluminum pot

3003 aluminum circle for lampshade

3003 aluminum circle used for aluminum lighting shell3003 aluminum circle used for lampshades

3003 aluminum circle used for aluminum mould

3003 aluminum circle used for aluminum mould3003 aluminum circles used for aluminum mould

3003 aluminum circle used for road sign


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