coated aluminum foil coil

Aleación 1100,3102,8006,8011
Temperamento H22, H12, H16, T13, T22, T51
Ancho 80-1300milímetro(producción personalizada)
Espesor 0.015-0.3milímetro
Longitud 100mm-12000mm
Structure hydrophilic layer + corrosion-resistant layer + papel de aluminio
Características Alta resistencia, Fuerte, durable, apoyo fuerte, antioxidante
MOQ 3 montones
pintura trasera Poliéster y barniz epoxi, blanquecino o claro



What is coated aluminum foil?

Color coated aluminum foil refers to coating a thin layer of material on the surface of aluminum foil. This coating is usually made of a variety of materials, such as varnishes, resins or polymers, and is designed to provide specific properties to the foil, such as improved heat resistance, moisture resistance or improved printing and labeling capabilities.

Aluminum foil coated is commonly used in the food packaging industry to wrap and protect food. The coating helps prevent moisture, light and oxygen from entering the packaging, thereby helping to maintain the quality and freshness of the food. Additionally, the coating can be printed on to provide branding and labeling information.

coated aluminum foil
Huawei coated aluminum foil product

Production process of coated aluminum foil

The production process of Huawei Aluminum coated aluminum foil rolls has strict standards, and every step of the operation will affect the quality of the product. The main processes are:

Uncoiling → pretreatment (first pickling → second pickling → third pickling) → water washing → first drying → passivation treatment → second drying → roller coating → third Second drying → winding.

The passivation treatment here will involve three treatment methods: (industrial use) hexavalent chromium, (food use) trivalent chromium, and silane treatment.

Huawei Aluminum color coated aluminum foil coil production line:

Custom color coated aluminum coil

Huawei Aluminum color coated aluminum coil factory is a supplier in China with more than 20 years of production experience, exporting color coated aluminum coils to all over the world all the year round, providing color coated coils aluminum free sample and high-quality services to customers.

Structure of coated aluminum foil roll

What is the structure of coated aluminum foil? For most coated products, double-sided coating is usually carried out, and the structure is shown in the figure below:

Schematic diagram of the structure of coated aluminum foil
Huawei schematic diagram of the structure of coated aluminum foil

Types of coated aluminum foil

Según diferentes estándares, Huawei Aluminum classifies coated aluminum coils and foils according to the following three categories.

Classification Artículo
Coated Aluminum Foil Application Types Coated aluminum foil for industrial use Industrial colorful coated aluminum coil is generally used in building materials decoration, ventilation ducts in HVAC projects, thermal insulation materials (phenolic boards), etc..
Coated aluminum foil for food Coated lunch boxes, coated aluminum foil food packaging materials, etc..
Coating Material Handling Type Oily material treatment: PE PVDF HDPE epoxy varnish, etc..
Water-based material treatment: hydrophilic layer, etc..
Classification in production process: 1. Roller coating 2. Spray coating 3. Chemical treatment: anodic oxidation treatment 4. Film lamination

Huawei Aluminum sheet coil prepainted specification

The common production range of roll-coated color-coated aluminum sheets:
Color coating production of medium and thick plates: thickness range 1.5-5.0mm, width range 900-1750mm
Coil color coating can be produced: the thinnest thickness is 0.25mm, and the widest width is 1600mm

Alloy element content of color coated aluminum coil

Aleación Y Fe cobre Minnesota magnesio zinc cr Otros Alabama
1100 0.95 0.05-0.20 0.05 / 0.10 / ≤0.15 Permanecer
3102 ≤0.40 ≤0.70 ≤0.10 0.05-0.40 / 0.10 / ≤0.15 Permanecer
8006 ≤0.40 1.2-2.0 ≤0.30 0.30-1.0 ≤0.10 ≤0.10 / ≤0.15 Permanecer
8011 0.2-0.9 0.6-1.0 0.10 0.20 0.05 0.10 / ≤0.15 Permanecer

Performance of coated aluminum foil produced by Huawei Aluminum


No. Test Item Ordinary Coating High Anti-coating
1 Peso de la película (single side) 1.0-1.5g/m² 1.7-2.5g/m²
2 Adhesión cupping test sin pelar sin pelar
cross cut test level 0 level 0
3 Corrosion Resistance Prueba de niebla salina neutra R.NO≥9.8(500h) R.NO≥9.5(1500h)
humidity test R.NO≥9.8(500h) R.NO≥9.5(1500h)
4 Alkali Resistance No blistering, No Shedding No blistering, No Shedding
5 Heat Resistance 200℃ for 5 minutos el color no cambia; el color no cambia;
300℃ for 5 minutos The coating film is yellowish or loses light The coating film is yellowish or loses light
6 resistencia al aceite El revestimiento no se ampolla. El revestimiento no se ampolla.
7 olor a revestimiento inodoro inodoro
8 desgaste en el molde Igual que el papel de aluminio normal. Igual que el papel de aluminio normal.
9 Resistente al detergente neutro El revestimiento no se ampolla. El revestimiento no se ampolla.
10 MEK-resistant wipe ≥30 veces ≥30 veces

Huawei Aluminum Coating Quality Control

1. The surface color of the coated aluminum foil is determined through negotiation between the supplier and the buyer. The coating requires uniform color and thickness without missing coating.
2. The entire length of the coated aluminum foil roll should be easy to unfold, and there should be no bonding or tearing when unfolding.
3. The coated aluminum foil should be tightly wrapped, and the end surface should be clean and smooth. Slipping, depression and dirt are not allowed, but slight burrs are allowed.
4. For each delivery acceptance batch of coated aluminum foil, no more than 15% of the rolls are allowed to have joints, and the number of joints per roll is not more than one. The joints should be clearly marked. If the user does not allow joints, the contract shall indicate.

Prepainted coating thickness requirements

The needs of purchasers will be different. Some common combinations are polyester front topcoat with a single-coat thickness of 16-18 microns, and double-coated primers and topcoats with a thickness of 10+15 microns. Ester, y 8-10 microns, are used more for back paint.
Fluorocarbon is double-coated with 25 microns, primer and top coat 10+15 microns. 35 microns (10+15+10 microns). The top layer is varnish, the fluorocarbon primer is polyurethane, and the top coat is fluorocarbon.


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