गोल्ड एल्युमिनियम फॉयल

मिश्र धातु 1050,1060,1200,3003,5052,6061,8011
एल्यूमिनियम अस्थायी Soft, हे,H12-H112
चौड़ाई 80मिमी -2650 मिमी
मोटाई 0.006~0.2mm
लंबाई 100मिमी-12000 मिमी
Uses Food/Pharma packaging,pans,tray,cooking

What is gold aluminum foil?

Gold aluminum foil is a hot stamping material that is directly rolled into thin sheets with metal aluminum (एल्यूमीनियम का तार या ऐल्युमिनियम की प्लेट). Because the effect is similar to that of pure silver foil hot stamping, it is also called fake silver foil. Due to the soft texture and good ductility of golden aluminum, if the rolled sheet can be made into aluminum foil, it can be printed and promoted on the surface. Gold aluminum foil paper is widely used, can be used for food, cooking, tray, pans,tape, container,packaging, आदि.

gold aluminum coil supplier गोल्ड एल्युमिनियम फॉयल

Gold aluminum foil specifications overview

गुस्सा Soft, हे,H12-H112
Use Lamination and Food Packaging,Pharma,Pans
मिश्र धातु 1100, 1145, 1050, 1060, 1235,8011,8021,3003
मोटाई 0.006~0.2mm
Certificate आईएसओ 9001
मानक ASTMB209,EN573-1S
चौड़ाई 280mm-1500mm
टाइप heavy gauge foil/medium gauge foil/jumbo gauge foil
Logo Can be customized

Aluminum foil gold applications

What is the use of aluminum coil?Gold aluminum coils are widely used in both domestic use and industrial manufacturing.

gold aluminum foil for food

gold aluminum foil for food gold aluminum foil for foods

gold aluminum foil for cooking

gold aluminum foil for cooking gold aluminum foil for cookings

gold aluminum foil tray

gold aluminum foil tray gold aluminum foil trays

gold aluminum foil used for wrap

gold aluminum foil used for wrap gold aluminum foil used for wraps

Aluminum gold foil type

मिश्र धातु
  • 1050,1060,1100.1200
  • 3003,3004,3104
  • 5052,5083,5454,5754
  • 6060,6061,6083
  • 8011,8021,8079
  • rose gold aluminum foil
सतह का उपचार
  • gold colored aluminum foil
  • aluminum gold embossed foil
  • gold plated aluminum foil
आवेदन पत्र
  • gold wrap aluminum foil
  • 0.012mm gold aluminum foil
  • 3” gold foil roll
  • 8″ gold foil roll
  • 10″ gold foil roll
  • 12″ gold foil roll
  • heavy duty gold aluminum foil

Gold aluminum foil suppliers and exporters

Where can i buy aluminum foil in gold?As an aluminum alloy foil manufacturer, we have 22 years of experience in production and operation. We are one of the largest aluminum alloy exporters in China, helping buyers from more than 70 countries to buy satisfactory products.

Export countries: gold aluminum foil singapore,gold aluminum foil uk,भारत, Korea, पाकिस्तान, टर्की, यूनाइटेड किंगडम, रूस, फ्रांस, ईरान, मिस्र, वियतनाम, मलेशिया, Kenya, जर्मनी, Peru, मेक्सिको, थाईलैंड.


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