040 lembaran aluminium

Paduan 1000-8000 seri
Melunakkan HAI,H12,H14,H16,H18,H19,H20,H22,H24,H26,H28,H122,
Lebar 80-1500mm
Ketebalan .040″(0.04inch)
Panjang 100mm-12000mm
Aplikasi Chemical equipment, containers, buildings, electrical appliances, dll..
Fitur Kemurnian tinggi, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, long life
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What is 040 lembaran aluminium?

.040 is a way of expressing the thickness of the aluminum sheet, which means that the thickness is 0.040 inches (040″ lembaran aluminium). The conversion of .040 aluminum sheet thickness in inches into millimeters is 1.016mm aluminum sheet. 040 aluminum sheet is a thin aluminum sheet with good processability. It has a wide range of applications in industrial manufacturing and household use.

  • .040 lembaran aluminium
  • 0.040 lembaran aluminium
  • 040 aluminum sheet gauge
  • 040 aluminum sheet metal
040 lembaran aluminium

040 harga lembaran aluminium

Itu price of aluminum sheet alloy will be affected by many factors. So, what factors determine the price of 040 lembaran aluminium?
1. The influence of aluminum ingots. The raw material of 040 aluminum sheet is aluminum ingot, which determines the overall price of 0.040 thickness aluminum sheet.
The production process and temper of 2.0.040 aluminum sheet are also important factors.
3. The demand of the market is also a reason. The amount of 0.04aluminum sheet also affects the price to a certain extent. The more you buy, the price will be slightly lower.

Aluminum sheet thickness chart

040 thickness aluminum sheet is one of Huawei’s hot selling products, in addition to .040″ size, we can also supply more thickness specifications of aluminum sheet.

Ketebalan(inch) Ketebalan(mm)
040 alumium sheet(0.04″) 1.015mm
032 lembaran aluminium(0.032″) 0.813mm
060 lembaran aluminium(0.06″) 1.5mm
030 lembaran aluminium(0.03″) 0.75 mm
050 lembaran aluminium(0.05″) 1.2mm
063 lembaran aluminium(0.063″) 16mm
0.125 lembaran aluminium(0.125″) 3mm
0.75 lembaran aluminium(0.75″) 19mm

.040 berat lembaran aluminium

what is the weight of .040 lembaran aluminium? 040″aluminum sheet belongs to thin aluminum sheet. The weight of an aluminum sheet is not heavy. Taking a piece of 040 aluminum sheet 4×8 as an example, you can get a 4×8 .040 aluminum sheet with a weight of 8.17kg. According to this calculation method (weight = volume X density), we can easily get more sizes of 040 berat lembaran aluminium.
Itu .040 aluminum sheet weight specification sheet is shown below.

Specifications Weight
.040 aluminum sheet 4×8 8.17kg
.040 aluminum sheet 4×10 10.29kg
.040 aluminum sheet 5×10 12.90kg
040 lembaran aluminium 36 x 96 888.67kg

040 aluminum sheet type

0.040 aluminum sheet is widely used and has many types.

Aluminum Type Item
.040 aluminum sheet color
  • .040 white aluminum sheet
  • 040 aluminum sheet black
  • brown 040 aluminum sheets
.040 aluminum sheet size
  • .040 aluminum sheet 4×8 white
  • 040 aluminum sheet 4×10
040 thickness aluminum sheet processing type
  • .040 painted aluminum sheet
  • 040 5005 black anodized aluminum sheet
  • 040 aluminum sheet roll
  • 040 aluminum sheet roofing
  • lembaran aluminium 0.040 pvdf coating
040″ aluminum sheet application
  • 040 aluminum sheet for teardrop
  • 040 white aluminum sheet 4×8 for sign
  • lembaran aluminium 040 inch for heating purposes
Aluminum sheet 0.040 paduan
  • 040 5052 lembaran aluminium
  • 0.040 lembaran aluminium 1100
  • 040 aluminium 6061 t6
  • 0.040 lembaran aluminium 5083

040 aluminum sheet near me

Where can i buy 040 aluminum sheets? Huawei 040 aluminum sheet supplier is a powerful factory with complete, precise, professional and stable production equipment and stable aluminum sheet quality. And can provide a variety of specifications, a variety of alloy models of aluminum. Huawei Aluminium memiliki 21 years of experience in production and operation, and can deliver quickly while ensuring the quality of aluminum sheets. Give you the most reliable service.

040 aluminum sheet factory
040 aluminum sheet factory

.040 aluminum sheet packaging

040 4x8 aluminum sheet packaging
040 4×8 aluminum sheet packaging

How to cut .040 lembaran aluminium

The cutting of aluminum plates needs to choose the corresponding cutting method according to the thickness. There are three common ways of cutting aluminum plates.
1. For thin aluminum plates below 0.1mm, use a utility knife or paper cutter.
2. For the aluminum plate between 0.1mm-2mm, use a toothless saw, the cut aluminum plate is even and flat, and it is not easy to produce scratches.
3. For the aluminum plate above 2mm, this kind of aluminum plate is thicker and should be cut with a large electric or hydraulic shearing machine.
0.04 thickness aluminum sheet belongs to the thin plate series and can be cut in the second way.

how to cut 040 lembaran aluminium
how to cut 040 lembaran aluminium?


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