aluminum composite panel

Paduan 1xxx,3xxx,5xxx,6xxx,8xxx series
Alu temper T4,T5,T6,T651,T652,T112,T351
Lebar 100mm-2650mm
Ketebalan 0.2mm-120mm
Panjang 100mm-12000mm
Standard GB/T 17748-2008,GB/T 22412-2008
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What is an aluminum composite panel?

Aluminum composite panel is the abbreviation of aluminum plastic composite panel, often abbreviated as ACP aluminum sheet. It refers to a 3-layer composite sheet with plastic as the core layer and aluminum on both sides, and is covered with decorative and protective coatings on the outside of the product or Film. Aluminum composite panels was first produced in Germany, and later it was widely used because of its economy of use, diversity of colors, convenience of construction, and excellent processability. Commonly used in building exterior walls, interior walls, ceiling decoration, dll.. Aluminium composite panel is a new type of building decorative aluminum plate material.

aluminium composite panel details

aluminium composite panel

What are aluminium composite panels used for?

Aluminum-plastic panels are widely used, and the common uses are mainly in six aspects: building exterior walls, interior decoration, display panels, ceilings, industrial materials, and household appliances.

1. Aluminium composite panels used for building exterior walls and curtain wall panels.
acp used for building Aluminum-Composite-Panels used for building
2, Aluminum composite panels used air conditioners, TVs and other home appliances shell.
aluminium composite panel for Air-Conditioning Aluminium-composite Panel for home appliances-
3. Aluminium composite panels used balconies, equipment units, indoor compartments.
ACP used for-partition-wall Aluminum-Composite-Panel-for-Claddings-and-Curtain-Walls
4. Aluminium composite panels used panels, sign boards, display stands.
aluminum composite panel used for sign boards aluminum posite panel for doors-500x500
5, Aluminium composite panels used interior wall decorative panels, ceilings.
aluminum posite panel for interior wall decorative
6. Composite aluminium panels used industrial materials, body of cold-insulating car.
acp used for industrial materials aluminium composite panels for car body

Aluminium composite panels features

1. The aluminum composite panel has good weather resistance, high strength and easy maintenance.
2. The aluminum composite panel is easy to construct and has a short construction period.
3. Aluminum composite panel has excellent processability, heat insulation, sound insulation and excellent fire resistance.
4. The aluminum composite panel has good plasticity, impact resistance, can reduce the load of buildings, and has good shock resistance.
5. The composite aluminum panel has good flatness, light and firm.
6. There are many colors for aluminum-plastic panels to choose from.
7. The aluminum-plastic panel processing machine is simple and can be processed on site.
8. The pattern and pattern of the aluminum composite panel can be customized

Aluminum composite panel type

Divide by size
  • aluminum composite panel 4×8

  • aluminum composite panel 4×10

  • aluminum composite panel 4×12

  • aluminum composite panel 5×12

Divide by alloy
  • 1000 seri aluminum composite panel

  • 2000 seri aluminum composite panel

  • 3000 seri aluminum composite panel

  • 5000 seri aluminum composite panel

  • 6000 seri aluminum composite panel

  • 8000 seri aluminum composite panel

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fire-resistant aluminum composite panel

1/4 aluminum composite panel

interior aluminum composite panel

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where to buy aluminum composite panel?

Aluminium composite panel disadvantages

1. Bubbling on the surface of the aluminum composite panel

The bubbling on the surface of the aluminum composite panel is that the core board has granular infusible materials when the core board is extruded. When the average diameter of these infusible materials is large to a certain extent, it will protrude from the surface of the core board, and the composite will cause the board surface. Bubbling phenomenon. The reason for this sign is that when the bubble is rolled and compounded, the air around the bubble cannot be completely squeezed out and is sandwiched between the layers, and the extremely thin air layer blocks the sufficient bonding of the layers. For the aluminum-plastic core board, the orifice plate with a certain aperture that is much smaller than the thickness of the board can be used for filtration, which will not cause the phenomenon of perforation, and generally can solve the problem of bubbling.

2. Sag spots on the surface of the aluminum-plastic composite panel

The surface of the aluminum composite panel has a thumbprint-sized collapse, which is generally the size of a rice grain and is white, which is a quality problem of the glue layer. When these protruding granules are compounded, the air around them cannot be completely squeezed out like the above-mentioned bubbling phenomenon, and is wrapped into the plate to form pits. It is necessary to eliminate the quality problems of this material from material procurement and production management.

3. Aluminum-plastic plate lotus leaf

The ruffle is the wave on the edge of the board. This is a common problem, mainly caused by wavy edges of aluminum coils.

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