Wadah Aluminium Foil Untuk Makanan

Aluminum type 1000 3000 5000 6000 8000 seri
Melunakkan HAI、H22H24H26
Ketebalan 0.02~0.20mm
Lebar 50mm-120mm
Panjang 100mm-12000mm
Application food packaging,pans,container
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Food aluminum foil container type

In the 1-8 series of aluminum alloy foils, due to the different metals added to different series of alloys, there will be great differences in the production of aluminum foil containers. The following are the alloy models commonly used to make aluminum foils.

Aluminum Series Common Temper Paduan Ketebalan
1000 series aluminum foil HAI、H22H24H26 1050,1060,1235 0.04-0.13mm
3000 series aluminum foil HAI、H22H24 3003,3004 0.02~0.20mm
5000 series aluminum foil HAI、H22H24H26 5052, 0.04-0.13mm
6000 series aluminum foil HAI、H22H24H26 6063,6061,6082 0.04-0.13mm
8000 series aluminum foil HAI、H22H24H26 8011,8079 0.025~0.05mm

Food grade aluminium foil container packaging

Aluminum foil containers often refer to aluminum foil lunch boxes, which are our common tin foil lunch boxes. Aluminum foil is environmentally friendly, hygienic, and recyclable. It is very popular in life. The containers used for sixty-nine powder, grilled fish, and tinfoil enoki mushrooms are all made of aluminum.

Aluminum foil lunch boxes are widely used abroad. Generally, the thickness is between 0.03mm and 0.2mm. They can be divided into two types: wrinkled and wrinkle-free. They are all made of food-grade aluminum foil, which is cold-rolled or hot-rolled to uniform thickness and smooth surface. , No pinholes, no dust particles in food container aluminum foil.

Why choose aluminum foil as the material of the container?

1. Aluminum foil is an environmentally friendly and healthy material:
Aluminum foil material can solve the problem that traditional plastics cannot be recycled, and solve pollution problems such as refractory disposable plastics.

2. Aluminum foil is easy to use and more hygienic:
Aluminum foil is suitable for a variety of cooking methods, and can be used for most foods, making it easier and more convenient to use

3. The cost of making containers with aluminum foil is lower: aluminum foil containers are light in weight and not only easy to take away. And the price is also very competitive.

4. Aluminum foil material is widely used. Functions:
Aluminum foil is widely used in aviation catering, cake baking, barbecue, commercial institutions, schools and other disposable food packaging.


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