Material Characteristics Of Aluminum Alloy Coil 1-8 Serie

Do you know the characteristics of 1000-8000 aluminum alloy?

1000 alluminio di serie: features: more than 99.00% alluminio, good electrical conductivity, good corrosion resistance, good welding performance, low strength, no heat treatment strengthening. Application range: high-purity aluminum (aluminum content above 99.9%) is mainly used for Scientific experiment, chemical industry and special purpose.

2000 alluminio di serie: Caratteristiche:: An aluminum alloy containing copper as the main alloying element. Manganese, magnesium, lead and bismuth are also added for machinability. For example: 2011 lega, pay attention to safety protection during the smelting process (hazardous gas will be produced). 2014 alloy used in aerospace industry, molta forza. IL 2017 alloy is a bit weaker than the 2014 lega, but is easier to machine. 2014 can be strengthened by heat treatment. Disadvantages: Intergranular corrosion tends to be serious. Application range: aviation industry (2014 lega), screw (2011 lega) and industries with high service temperature (2017 lega).

3000 alluminio di serie: Caratteristiche: Aluminum alloy with manganese as the main alloying element, che non può essere rafforzato dal trattamento termico, has good corrosion resistance and good welding performance. Good plasticity. (close to super aluminum alloy). Disadvantages: low strength, but can be strengthened by cold work hardening. Coarse grains are easily produced during annealing. Application range: oil guide seamless pipe (lega 3003) and cans (lega 3004) used in aircraft.

4000 alluminio di serie: mainly silicon, not commonly used. Some 4-series alloys can be strengthened by heat treatment, but some 4-series alloys cannot be heat-treated.

5000 alluminio di serie: Caratteristiche: Mainly magnesium. Good resistance, good welding performance, good fatigue strength, can not be strengthened by heat treatment, only cold working can improve the strength. Applicazioni: lawn mower handles, aircraft fuel tank conduits, body armor.

6000 series aluminum Features: Mainly magnesium and silicon. Mg2Si is the main strengthening phase and is currently the most widely used alloy. 6063 E 6061 are used the most, others 6082, 6160, 6125, 6262, 6060, 6005, E 6463. 6063, 6060, E 6463 have relatively low strength in the 6 serie. 6262, 6005, 6082, E 6061 have relatively high strength in the 6 serie. Application range: energy transfer tools (ad esempio: car luggage racks, doors, windows, car bodies, heat sinks, box shells)

7000 alluminio di serie: Caratteristiche: Mainly zinc, but sometimes a small amount of magnesium and copper are added. Tra loro, superhard aluminum alloys contain zinc, lead, magnesium and copper alloys close to the hardness of steel. The extrusion speed is slower than that of the 6-series alloy, and the welding performance is good. 7005 E 7075 are the highest grades in the 7 serie, which can be strengthened by heat treatment. Applicazioni: Aviation (force-bearing components of aircraft, landing gear), rockets, propellers, and aerospace vehicles.

8000 alluminio di serie: Caratteristiche: 8 series aluminum alloys are widely used in aluminum foil, with high corrosion resistance, and are most widely used in pharmaceutical aluminum foil packaging. Such as 8011 medicinal foil, 8079 medicinal foil.

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