1/8 foglio di alluminio

Lega 1000 200 3000 5000 6000 8000 serie
Temp. alluminio O – H112, T3T8, T351T851 etc.
Larghezza 4ft,5ft(1200mm,1525mm)
Spessore 1/8″,3.175mm,0.125inch,.125in
Lunghezza 100mm-12000mm
Tecnologia laminati a caldo ( CC ), laminazione a freddo ( CC ), lancio

Cosa è 1/8 foglio di alluminio?

“1/8″ is a way of expressing the thickness of aluminum sheet, referring to the thickness of 1/8 inch, also written as 0.125 inch aluminum sheet/.125 inch aluminum sheet/1/8inch aluminum sheet. Converted to millimeters, it is 3.175mm. It is a widely used aluminum plate specification.

Equivalent name:aluminum sheet 1/8”,alluminio 1/8 sheet,1 8 foglio di alluminio,1/8 foglio di alluminio

1/8 foglio di alluminio
4×8 aluminum sheet of 1/8 specifications

What thickness does 1 8 aluminum sheet specifications come in?

In addition to 1/8 aluminium sheet, there are other common specifications that are commonly used by manufacturers. The corresponding sizes of various types of aluminium sheets are listed in the table below.

Specifications Inch(in) Millimeter(mm)
1/1 foglio di alluminio 1 inch|1″ 1 inch .1 inch 24.4mm
1/2 foglio di alluminio 1/2 inch|1/2″ 0.5 inch .5 inch 12.7mm
1/4 foglio di alluminio 1/4 inch|1/4″ 0.25 inch .25 inch 6.35 mm
1/8 foglio di alluminio 1/8 inch|1/8″ 0.125 inch .125 inch 3.175 mm
1/16 foglio di alluminio 1/16 inch|1/16″ 0.0625 inch .0625 inch 1.5875 mm
3/4 foglio di alluminio 3/4 inch|3/4″ 0.75 inch .75 inch 19.05 mm
3/8 foglio di alluminio 3/8 inch|3/8″ 0.375 inch .375 inch 9.525 mm
3/16 foglio di alluminio 3/16 inch|3/16″ 0.1875 inch .1875 inch 4.7625 mm
5/8 foglio di alluminio 5/8 inch|5/8″ 0.625 inch .625 inch 15.875 mm
5/16 foglio di alluminio 5/16 inch|5/16″ 0.3125 inch .3125 inch 7.9375 mm
7/8 foglio di alluminio 7/8 inch|7/8″ 0.875 inch .875 inch 22.225 mm
7/16 foglio di alluminio 7/16 inch|7/16″ 0.4375 inch .4375 inch 11.1125 mm

1/8 prezzo lamiera di alluminio

The price of 1/8 aluminum plate is not fixed, and its type and process are more influential. In terms of the aluminum content of the 1 8 prezzo lamiera di alluminio, the 4×8 sheet of 1/8 inch aluminum price is actually not very different. Although the aluminum content of the pure aluminum plate and the aluminum alloy aluminum plate is different, their prices are not much different. Today’s market price is about $2,622 a ton.

For more price information, please click to understand:🔗 Aluminum alloy price

Alloy aluminum sheet 1/8 supplier

“1/8 aluminum plate near meHuawei Aluminum Metal Factory

As an aluminum metal exporter, we are committed to producing high-quality raw materials and providing quality assurance for every buyer. We can provide you with 1-8 series of aluminum alloys such as aluminum sheets, aluminum coils, aluminum foils, and aluminum circles.

1/8 in aluminum sheet type

As a thin aluminum sheet, 1 8 inch aluminum sheet can be processed in various forms, and can be divided into various types according to color, size, surface processing form, eccetera.

Foglio di alluminio 1 8 categories Articolo
1/8 alloy type
  • 1 8 6061 foglio di alluminio
  • 1 8 5052 foglio di alluminio
  • 1 8 inch aluminum 3003-h18 sheet
1/8 size type
  • 1/8 aluminum sheet 4’x8
  • 4×8 foglio di alluminio 1/8
  • 24 x 24 1/8 foglio di alluminio
  • 1/8 foglio di alluminio 5 x 10
1 8 aluminum plate type
  • 4 x 8 aluminum diamond plate sheet
  • 1 8 aluminum sheet metal
  • 1/8 inch thick aluminum sheet
  • 1/8 lamiera forata in alluminio
1/8 color type
  • 1/8 black anodized aluminum sheet

1/8 aluminum sheet weight

If calculated with a 🔗4×8 size 1/8 thickness aluminum plate, the weight is about 25.52kg.
If calculated with a 1/8 foglio di alluminio 5 x 10, the weight is about 40.02kg.
1 8 foglio di alluminio
1 8 foglio di alluminio

How do you cut 1/8 aluminum sheets?

1/8 inch aluminum sheet near me

Huawei Alu Factory, as a large-scale aluminum plate manufacturer in China, supplies 1/8 inch sheet aluminum all the year round, and can customize production according to your needs. We have been engaged in the production of aluminum products for more than 20 years, and we have exported a large amount to 60+ paesi nel mondo. Foglio di alluminio, aluminum coil, foglio di alluminio, aluminum wafer products. Cooperating countries include South Korea, Thailand, Egypt, Russia, Yemen, Bangladesh, Kenya, the United Kingdom, Mexico, India, Uganda, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Ecuador, Malaysia, Morocco, Jordan, Vietnam, Australia, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Iran , Germany, Spain, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Norway, South Africa, Austria, Italy, Ethiopia, Russia, Algeria, Ethiopia
, Kuwait, and many other countries.


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