1235 foglio di alluminio

Lega Aluminium 1235; AA1235; UNS A91235; Al1235
Temperare O,H12, H14, H16, H18, H20, H22, H24, H26, H28, H122,
Larghezza 80-1500mm
Spessore 0.005-0.05mm
Lunghezza according to customization
Applicazioni food packaging,pharmaceutical packaging,battery foil
Caratteristiche Purezza elevata, resistenza alla corrosione, oxidation resistance, long life
Place of Origin Henan, Cina
Standard: ASTM, EN, GB/T 3198-2010, QQA-1876
Grade food grade



Cosa è 1235 aluminum alloy foil?

1235 aluminum foil belongs to the 1 series pure aluminum alloy. What is the percentage of aluminum in 1235? The cutting edge of the aluminum foil is rolled by alloy 1235, in which the aluminum content is more than 99.35%. It has the advantages of good corrosion resistance, process ductility, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity of aluminum. Huawei can process and produce 1235 aluminum foil with a thickness of 0.010-0.8mm.

1235 aluminum foil alloy composition(%)

Lega Si+Fe Cu Mn Mg Zn Di Altri Al
1235 0.65 0.05 0.05 0.05 0.10 0.06 0.03 99.35

Product features of aluminum foil 1235

1. Like other aluminum foil products, aluminum foil alloy 1235 has the characteristics of non-toxic, tasteless, moisture-proof, shading, high air tightness and fragrance retention.
2. 1235 alloy aluminum foil has good processability and is easy to process into exquisite patterns of various colors.
3. The market price of 1235 aluminum foil is relatively cheap. Generalmente, 1235 alloy aluminum foil is cost-effective, and household aluminum foil or conventional industrial batch use has become a popular trend. For example, 1060 E 1235 aluminum foils are the common lithium battery foils in our lives.
4. Aluminum foil alloy 1235 can be used as medicine packaging foil like 8011 foglio di alluminio. Not still a good food flexible packaging foil.

Proprietà meccaniche di 1235 alloy aluminum foil:

The thickness of 1235 aluminum foil is different, and the corresponding mechanical properties will also be different. The following table is the parameter table of Huawei aluminum foil 1235. (for reference)

Aluminum foil application scenarios Temperare Spessore(mm) Tensile strength(Mpa) Elongation(%)
1235 Household Foil 1235 O 0.01-0.025 40-100 2
0.025-0.04 45-100 2
0.041-0.07 45-100 5
1235 H18 0.02-0.06 ≥135 /
1235 capacitor aluminum foil 1235 H18 0.02-0.06 ≥135 /
1235 Tape Foil 1235 O 0.012-0.05 45-90 2
1235 H18 0.012-0.05 ≥135 /
0.03-0.07 60-100 ≥2
1235 medicinal foil 1235 O 0.02-0.06 ≥125 /
1235 H18 0.02-0.06 40-100 /

What can 1235 aluminum foil be used for?

1.1235 aluminum foil is used as battery case.

The application specifications are as follows:

1235 battery case aluminum foil
Alloy Foil Type Temperare Spessore(mm) Larghezza(mm)
1235 Polished O,Temperare 0.010-0.2 80-1500
1235 aluminum foil used for battery case
1235 aluminum foil used for battery case

2.1235 aluminum foil is used as self-adhesive

The application parameters are as follows:

1235 self-adhesive aluminum foil
Alloy Foil Type Temperare Spessore(mm) Larghezza(mm)
1235 Polished O,Temperare 0.014-0.6 25-1500
self-adhesive aluminum foil
self-adhesive aluminum foil

3.1235 aluminum foil is used food packaging

food packaging aluminum foil
food packaging aluminum foil

4.1235 aluminum foil is used pharmaceutical packaging

1235 pharmaceutical packaging foil
1235 pharmaceutical packaging foil

Why choose us as aluminum foil supplier?

1.Alluminio Huawei has rich experience in production and operation. We have been supplying aluminum foil for over 21 years. High-quality aluminum foil with competitive price and short delivery time has won a lot of recognition and good reputation from customers.
2. We are able to provide one-stop aluminum foil material solutions for global customers.
3. We can provide complete product specifications. Our products cover a variety of alloys including H18 (hard), H14, H22, H24 (semi-hard) and O (soft) tempers. Our foils are widely used in composite, blister, pharmaceutical packaging, food containers, household foils, and other industries in the food flexible packaging industry.
4. Complete certification. Able to provide SGS, FDA, ISO9001, ISO14001, RoHS test reports are readily available.

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