5×10 Foglio di alluminio

Aluminum Type Aluminum Sheet/Plate
Larghezza 5 foot (1525 mm)
Lunghezza 10 f00t (3050 mm)
Spessore 0.1mm – 400mm
Serie in alluminio 1000, 3000, 5000, 6000, 7000,8000 series etc
Temperare O,H12,H14,H16,H18,H24,H114,T6,T651,etc
Color White,Black,Red,Oranage,Blue,eccetera
Tecnologia hot/cold rolled ( CC, CC )
Certifications GB/T19001-2017/ISO9001:2019

What is the size of 5×10 foglio di alluminio

5×10 aluminum plate is a relatively regular 1:2 size aluminum plate, the same as 🔗4×8 piatto di alluminio. The width of 5×10 is 5foot (1525mm) and the length is 10foot (3050mm). The aluminum plate of this size has a square specification, and the factory can save a lot of processes when it is processed and used.

5x10 aluminum sheet for sale

5×10 Aluminum Sheet Factory Specifications

Aluminum Sheet Production Specification Table
Aluminum Alloy Type
  • Sheet, Plate
Serie in alluminio
  • 1000 Serie: 1100,1200,1050
  • 2000 Serie: 2024
  • 3000 Serie: 3003,3004
  • 5000 Serie: 5005,5052,5454,5086
  • 6000 Serie: 6061,6063,6082
Aluminum Temper
  • O,H12,H14,H16,H18,T6,H112,T651
  • 5 feet=60inch(5 ,5′)
  • 10 feet=120inch(10 ,10′)
  • Coating, Polishing, Oxidation

5×10 Aluminum Sheet Plate Metal Features

IL 1-8 series of aluminum alloys all have 5×10 size aluminum plates. According to the different metals added, there will be many differences in the metal properties between these series. The following table is the product features of 1-8 series 5×10 size aluminum plate.

Serie in alluminio Star Model Caratteristiche
1serie xxx 1100 5×10 foglio di alluminio IL 1000 series aluminum plate is called pure aluminum plate, with the highest aluminum content, and the material is hard and metal.
3serie xxx 3003 5×10 foglio di alluminio 3 series aluminum plate stands for 3003 3003 3A21, known as anti-rust aluminum plate, manganese element is the main component, and it can adapt to various humid environments.
5serie xxx 5052 5×10 foglio di alluminio The main features of the 5 series are low density, high metal tensile strength and high elongation. The weight is lighter than other series, and it is often used in aerospace and military applications.
6serie xxx 6061 5×10 foglio di alluminio 6061 is a cold-treated product with good workability, easy coating on metal surfaces and good workability. For applications with high requirements on corrosion and oxidation, 6 series aluminum alloys can be selected.

5×10 Aluminum Plate Metal Element

Elements E Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Zn Di Altri Al
Contenuto(%) ≤0.6 ≤0,7 0.3 0.30 – 0.80 0.30 – 0.80 0.2 0.40 0.1 0.15 Rimani

5×10 prezzo lamiera di alluminio

Affected by the international situation, the price of aluminum metal has been in a state of decline recently, with large fluctuations. And deep-processed aluminum products: such as 5×10 piatto di alluminio, the price also changes with the fluctuation of aluminum metal, and the approximate price is between 2800-3100$. For more detailed prices, you can refer to the 🔗Aluminum Alloy Price Table compiled by Huawei Alu.

5×10 foglio di alluminio vicino a me

fornitore di fogli di alluminio

🔗Huawei Alu Metal is a private aluminum company in China. Since its establishment, it has provided many high-quality aluminum alloy products to the world for 20 consecutive years. Now 5×10 sheet of aluminum has a number of production lines such as cold rolling, hot rolling and foil rolling. With a monthly production capacity of 5,000 tonnellate, we have been committed to becoming a high-quality supplier of aluminum sheets, coils, foils and strips for more than 20 years, delivering more high-quality aluminum alloy raw materials.

What is 5×10 aluminum sheet used?

5×10 aluminum plate has the environment of construction and marine use, has good corrosion resistance and high strength, and has various applications in the production and domestic life of the market.

per esempio:aluminum sheet used for car;aluminum sheet used for boat;aluminum sheet used for building;aluminum sheet used for home appliances

aluminum sheet used for caraluminum sheet used for boataluminum sheet used for buildingaluminum sheet used for home appliances

5×10 sheet aluminum type

Aluminum sheet 5×10 and aluminum sheet 4×8 are relatively common specifications. Aluminum sheets 5×10 are easy to cut and process, and have various types of processing and applications.

Surface treatment type: painted aluminum sheets 5×10; flat aluminum sheet 5×10

Thickness type(inch): .040 aluminum sheet 5×10; 5×10 foglio di alluminio 125; .060 foglio di alluminio; 5×10 1 8 foglio di alluminio;

Thickness type(mm):0.2mm aluminum sheet; 3mm aluminum plate;5mm aluminum plate;1mm aluminum sheet; 2mm thick aluminum sheet; 6mm aluminum plate

5×10 aluminum sheet weight

How to calculate the weight of 5x10aluminum sheet? The calculation method of 5×10 aluminum plate weight is the same as the calculation method of 4×8 aluminum plate weight, the difference between the two is that the length and width are different. Perciò, we can get the weight of a 5×10 aluminum plate by choosing an appropriate thickness.
Spessore Misurare Density Peso
lamiera di alluminio 5mm 5×10 sheet metal ρ=2.7g/cm³ 63.23kg
3mm aluminum sheet
1/8 foglio di alluminio 40.09kg
1/4 piatto di alluminio 80.18kg
0.75 piatto di alluminio 9.48kg
3 16 foglio di alluminio 60.20kg
1 16 foglio di alluminio 19.98kg
1 2 piatto di alluminio 6.32kg
3 8 piatto di alluminio 54.38kg
.125 foglio di alluminio 40.09kg

5×10 vs 4×8 foglio di alluminio

The biggest difference between the aluminum plate 5×10 specification and the 4×8 specification is the length and width.

Comparison Ttem 4×8 Foglio di alluminio 5×10 Foglio di alluminio
Larghezza 1220mm 1525mm
Lunghezza 2440mm 3050mm
Peso 40.1kg 63.2kg(lamiera di alluminio 5mm)

5×10 aluminum sheet production line


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