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탄화플루오르 코팅 칼라 도장 알루미늄 코일 (PVDF)

탄화플루오르 코팅은 PVDF 수지입니다., mainly referring to vinylidene fluoride homopolymers or copolymers of vinylidene fluoride and other small amounts of fluorine-containing vinyl monomers.

The chemical structure of the hydrofluoric acid base material is bonded by fluorine/carbon bonds. The stability and firmness of this chemical structure make the physical properties of fluorocarbon coatings different from ordinary coatings. In addition to the abrasion resistance and impact resistance in terms of mechanical properties, it has excellent performance, especially in harsh climates and environments, it shows long-term fading resistance and UV resistance. After high-temperature baking to form a film, the molecular structure of the coating is tight and has super weather resistance. Fluorocarbon coatings can be divided into traditional fluorocarbon coatings and nano-fluorocarbon coatings according to the surface film formation structure.

In 1965, Pennwalt Chemical Company of the United States first used fluorocarbon coatings to meet the needs of coating indoor and outdoor aluminum materials in high-end buildings. The wide choice of colors, the solemn appearance of the United States, and its durability have added luster to many magnificent curtain wall buildings around the world. Coating manufacturers guarantee the service life of coatings starting from 10 연령, 15 years to more than 20 연령. American research institutions have tested and compared fluorocarbon coatings, super coatings, and general coatings. The samples of the respective coatings were exposed to hot sunlight in Florida, 미국, and exposed to the harsh environment of humid and salty air for 12 연령. In 2010, 플루오로카본 코팅의 안정성과 내구성이 실제로 입증되었습니다. 30 그리고 80 다른 두 코팅보다 퍼센트 더 높음, 및 탄화플루오르 코팅으로 다양한 열악한 환경에서 사용 가능.

컬러 코팅 알루미늄 코일은 공공 장소의 실내 및 실외 장식 장식 및 전시에 특히 적합합니다., 상업 체인, 전시회 광고, 등.

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