1100 aluminum sheet

Alloy 1100,a1100,Al1100,EN AW 1100,Al99.0
Temper O,H12,H14,H16,H18,H20,H22,H24,H26,H28,H122,
Width 80-1500mm
Thickness 0.2mm-8mm
Length 100mm-12000mm
Applications Chemical equipment, containers, buildings, electrical appliances, etc.
Standard GB/T 3880-2012
Features High corrosion resistance, good shape, good processability
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1000 series 1100 aluminum sheet overview

What is 1100 series aluminum?1100 is a common alloy aluminum plate in the 1000 series. Like 1050 aluminum plate and 1060 aluminum plate, it is called industrial pure aluminum plate, and its aluminum content is 99.00% (my country’s aluminum alloy technical standard GB/T3880-2012 clearly stipulates that the aluminum content of 1100 reaches 99.0%. %, Huawei Aluminum, so all aluminum sheet products can meet the standard. Aluminum sheet 1100 cannot be strengthened by heat treatment, and has the characteristics of high corrosion resistance, good electrical and thermal conductivity, and good plasticity. Other process performance is basically the same as 1050 aluminum sheet.

1100 aluminum sheet

a1100 aluminum sheet

1100 aluminum plate

1100 aluminum sheet supplier

1100 aluminum plate performance advantages:

1. 1100 aluminum plate has high plasticity,
2. The 1100 aluminum plate has good weldability and can be welded by gas welding, hydrogen atom welding and contact welding.
3. Easy to withstand various pressure processing and extension, bending
4. Aluminum sheet 1100 has excellent ductility and formability.
5. AL 1100 sheet has excellent corrosion resistance and is not easy to be oxidized.
6. AA1100 aluminum sheet has good electrical and thermal conductivity.

Elemental composition of 1100 aluminum sheet

1100 Aluminum Sheet Metal Content Table

Alloy Al Si Cu Mg Zn Mn V Fe Single
1100 99.0% 0.45 0.05-0.20 / 0.01 0.035 0.05 0.35 0.05

1100 aluminum sheet mechanical properties

Temper Tensile strength σb (MPa) Elongation δ10 (%) Yield Strength
1100-O 89 30 5000
1100-H14 124 3 17000
1100-H18 165 2 22000

Aluminum sheet 1100 common thickness customization

Alloy Temper Thickness(inch) Thickness(mm)
1100 O

1100 H12

1100 H14

1100 H16

1100 H18

1100 H22

1100 H24

0.02″ 0.508
0.032″ 0.8128
0.04″ 1.016
0.05″ 1.27
0.06″ 1.524
0.063″ 1.6002
0.09″ 2.286
0.125″ 3.175
0.19″ 4.826
0.249″ 6.3246

What is 1100 aluminium alloy sheet used for?

1100 aluminum plate has many metal properties and is often used in utensils, heat sinks, bottle caps, printed boards, building materials, heat exchanger components, and can also be used as deep-drawn products, and is widely used in everything from cookware to industrial equipment. each field.

1100 aluminum sheet used for heat sink

aluminum sheet used for heat sink
1100 aluminum sheet for heat sink

1100 aluminum sheet for building materials

1100 aluminum sheet for building materials
1100 aluminum sheet for building

1100 aluminum sheet for cookware

1100 aluminum sheet for cookware
1100 aluminum sheet for pans

What’s the difference between 1100 and 1060 aluminum plate?

1100 aluminum sheet vs 1060 aluminum sheet

1. Different aluminum content

Both 1100 and 1060 are pure aluminum plates with different aluminum content. Generally, the higher the aluminum content, the softer the aluminum plate is, so the 1100 aluminum plate is a little harder than the 1060 aluminum plate.
1060: Aluminum Al 99.60;
1100: Aluminum Al 99.00.

2. Different tensile strength.

The tensile strength of 1100 is higher than that of 1060. The tensile strength of common thickness of 1100 aluminum plate is 110~136, and the tensile strength of common thin plate of 1060 aluminum plate is 95-110.

3. Different specifications are used.

The 1100 aluminum sheet has many specifications and wide range of widths. It can be used for super long sheets, such as Kaiping into 3 meters, 4 meters, 6 meters, 8 meters, etc.

4. Different application scenarios.

1100 aluminum plate is mainly used for curtain wall aluminum veneer, radiator, printing plate, heat exchanger components, etc., can be punched, 1060 aluminum plate is widely used, products that do not require high strength, such as signs, billboards, building exterior decoration, Vehicle bodies, high-rise and factory wall decoration, kitchen sinks, lamp sockets, fan blades, electronic parts, etc., are more widely used.


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