Aluminum Alloy Price

Aluminum Type Aluminum Sheet, Aluminum Coil, Aluminum Foil, Aluminum Circle, Aluminum Foil Packaging, Aluminum Strip
Alloy 1-8 Series Aluminum
Aluminum Size 4×8, 4×10, 4×12, 5×10, 5×12
Thickness 0.01mm-10mm
Length 100mm-12000mm
Classification Embossed Aluminum, Anodized Aluminum, Diamond Aluminum,Color Coated Aluminum, Perforated Aluminum, Mirror Aluminum
Influencing Factors Production, Inventory, Import And Export Volume, International Economy
Price Unit RMB Per Ton

China Aluminum Alloy Price

How much is a ton of aluminum sheet? What is the price of aluminum coil? What is the price of aluminum foil?How much price per pound of aluminum?

When aluminum product manufacturers build production lines, they need to find reliable suppliers of aluminum alloy raw materials(Usually aluminum sheet,aluminum coil,aluminum foil,aluminum circle). Among them, on the one hand, the quality of aluminum needs to be considered, and another important factor is the price of aluminum alloy. Every buyer wants to buy aluminum products with good quality and low price.

In this article, HW updates the price of aluminum alloys for everyone, so that buyers can have a price reference when looking for aluminum alloy suppliers.

Factors Affecting Aluminum Alloy Price

What is the price of aluminum?How much price of aluminum per pound?Aluminum alloy has become an indispensable metal in our daily life, and its price changes are affected by various factors, the main factors are as follows:

1. The output of aluminum metal is limited by technology, equipment and resources, and generally grows slowly. However, technological breakthroughs or the discovery of new aluminum mines will greatly increase the output, which will affect the relationship between supply and demand.
2. Inventory is another important factor that affects the price of aluminum alloys. Under different market environments, companies take different measures to increase or decrease inventory to ensure the raw materials needed for production and recover capital turnover: the government also uses reserves in different periods. Control the aluminum market.
3. Since the import and export volume occupies a certain proportion in the domestic supply and demand, changes in exchange rates or changes in imports and exports caused by other reasons will also affect the supply and demand of aluminum.
4. Aluminum raw materials are widely used and can replace other materials. But other materials can also replace aluminum, so the popularity and application of these aluminum substitutes will also affect the price of aluminum.
5. Because the smelting of aluminum requires a lot of power resources, the level of electricity charges affects the refining and the cost of aluminum, thus affecting the price of aluminum.
6. The international political and economic situation is also an important factor affecting the price of aluminum

How much is aluminum price per pound? Changes in the price of aluminum alloys will inevitably affect changes in various deep-processing products such as aluminum sheets, aluminum coils, aluminum foils, and aluminum wafers.
Therefore, the rise in the price of aluminum alloy raw materials is not achieved overnight, it is caused by a variety of different and complicated factors.

Aluminum Alloy Price Table

The aluminum prices in this price list is the market price, and there is a certain gap with the actual price of aluminum products in the factory (the difference is reflected in the factory’s processing, production, metal plating, grinding tools, etc.)

Update time: 2023-01-05

Al Price Date Aluminum Metal Type The Price Range Average Price ¥ To $ Ups And Downs
2022-06-22 Changjiang Nonferrous Aluminum 19740-19780 20500¥ 3052$ -100¥
Shanghai Spot Aluminum 19750-19790 19770¥ 2974$ -80¥
Nanhai Nonferrous Aluminum 19970-20070 20020¥ 2981$ -100¥
Guangdong South Aluminum Storage 19720-19780 19750¥ 2941$ -120¥
Central Color Aluminum 19760¥ 2942$ -100¥
2022-06-23 Changjiang Nonferrous Aluminum 19310-19350 19330¥ 2882$ -430¥
Shanghai Spot Aluminum 19320-19360 19340¥ 2883$ -430¥
Nanhai Nonferrous Aluminum 19550-19650 19600¥ 2922$ -420¥
Guangdong South Aluminum Storage 19290-19350 19320¥ 2880$ -430¥
Central Color Aluminum 19330¥ 2882$ -430¥
2022-06-24 Changjiang Nonferrous Aluminum 19130-19170 19150¥ 2859$ -180¥
Shanghai Spot Aluminum 19140-19180 19160¥ 2860$ -180¥
Nanhai Nonferrous Aluminum 19350-19450 19400¥ 2896$ -200¥
Guangdong South Aluminum Storage 19100-19160 19130¥ 2856$ -190¥
Central Color Aluminum 19150¥ 2859$ -180¥
2022-06-27 Changjiang Nonferrous Aluminum 19170-19210 19190¥ 2871$ +40¥
Shanghai Spot Aluminum 19170-19210 19190¥ 2871$ +30¥
Nanhai Nonferrous Aluminum 19370-19470 19420¥ 2905$ +20¥
Guangdong South Aluminum Storage 19130-19190 19160¥ 2866$ +230¥
Central Color Aluminum 19190¥ 2871$ +30¥
2022-07-01 Changjiang Nonferrous Aluminum 19030-19070 19050¥ 2844$ -170¥
Shanghai Spot Aluminum 19030-19070 19050¥ 2844$ -170¥
Nanhai Nonferrous Aluminum 19220-19320 19270¥ 2877$ -130¥
Guangdong South Aluminum Storage 18990-19050 19020¥ 2839$ -160¥
Central Color Aluminum 19050¥ 2844$ -180¥
2022-12-01 Changjiang Nonferrous Aluminum 19510-19550 19530¥ 2807$ +200¥
Shanghai Spot Aluminum 19490-19530 19510¥ 2804$ +190¥
Nanhai Nonferrous Aluminum 19490-19550 19520¥ 2805$ +160¥
Guangdong South Aluminum Storage 18990-19050 19020¥ 2839$ +160¥
Central Color Aluminum 19530¥ 2807$ +200¥
2023-01-05 Changjiang Nonferrous Aluminum 17790-18030 18010¥ 2617$ -300¥
Shanghai Spot Aluminum 17980-18020 18000¥ 2615$ -300¥
Nanhai Nonferrous Aluminum 18170-18270 18220¥ 2647$ -300¥
Guangdong South Aluminum Storage 17970-18030 18000¥ 2615$ -300¥
Central Color Aluminum 18010¥ 2617$ -300¥

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