aluminum sheet 5mm

Alloy 1000-8000 series
Common Size: 1000mm x 2000mm; 4’x8′, 1219mm x 2438mm
Temper HO,T3-T8, T5, T6, H114, H112
Width 100mm-2650mm
Thickness 0.2mm-120mm
Thickness tolerance +/-0.02mm
Standard ASTM, JIS, DIN, GB


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 What is aluminum sheet 5mm?

5mm aluminum sheet represents an aluminum sheet with a thickness of 5mm. This aluminum sheet is divided into🔗 Conventional Sheet according to the thickness, and the thickness ranges from 2mm to 6mm.

aluminum sheet 5mm
aluminum sheet 5mm thickness

The 5mm aluminum sheet has a moderate thickness and is a commonly used aluminum plate specification in factories. In addition to this, there are other common thickness specifications, as shown in the following table.

Thickness Inch Sheet/Plate Thin/Thick
1mm aluminum sheet 0.039|0.039”  



Thin aluminum sheet
2mm aluminum sheet 0.079|0.039”
3mm aluminum sheet 0.118|0.118″ Conventional Aluminum Sheet
4mm aluminum sheet 0.157|0.157″
5mm aluminum sheet 0.197|0.197″
6mm aluminum sheet 0.236|0.236″
7mm aluminum sheet 0.276|0.276″  









Medium Thickness Plate

8mm aluminum sheet 0.315|0.315″
9mm aluminum sheet 0.354|0.354″
10mm aluminum sheet 0.394|0.394″
11mm aluminum sheet 0.433|0.433″
12mm aluminum sheet 0.472|0.472″
13mm aluminum sheet 0.512|0.512″
14mm aluminum sheet 0.551|0.551″
15mm aluminum sheet 0.590|0.590″
16mm aluminum sheet 0.630|0.630″

 5mm aluminium sheet weight

When you process a 5mm aluminum sheet, you may think “how much does a 5mm thick aluminum sheet weigh?” Similarly, we can calculate the weight of a 4×8 aluminum sheet in the same way.According to weight = volume X density, a 5mm 4×8 aluminum sheet can be obtained with a weight of 40.186kg.
Using this calculation method, the weight of 4×8 aluminum sheets with other thicknesses can be obtained.

Thickness Specification Weight(kg)
1mm aluminium sheet  




4ft x 8ft

1220 * 2440

1.5mm aluminium sheet 12.056
2mm aluminium sheet 16.074
2.5mm aluminum sheet 20.093
3mm aluminium sheet 24.111
4mm aluminium sheet 32.149
5mm aluminum sheet 40.186
6mm aluminium sheet 48.222
7mm aluminium sheet 56.259
8mm aluminium sheet 64.296
9mm aluminium sheet 72.333
10mm aluminium sheet 80.37

 5mm aluminium sheet price

The price of 5mm aluminum sheet is related to the type of alloy used, processing state, surface treatment, and the quantity purchased. Aluminum sheet 5mm price rises and falls, and the specific price needs to be negotiated according to demand. The approximate price of aluminum alloy raw materials is between 2800-3000 US dollars, click the key for more aluminum alloy price.

 Aluminum sheet 5mm alloy

Which alloys can be cut into aluminum sheets with a thickness of 5mm? There are many alloys in the 1-8 series aluminum alloy plates that can be processed into specifications with a thickness of 5mm.

Thickness Alloy Series Common Alloy
Aluminum sheet 5mm specification 1000 series alloy
  • 1050 aluminum sheet 5mm
  • 1060 aluminum sheet 5mm
  • 1100 aluminum sheet 5mm
2000 series alloy sheet
  • 2104 aluminum sheet 5mm
3000 series alloy sheet
  • 3003 aluminum sheet 5mm
  • 3004 aluminum sheet 5mm
  • 3104 aluminum sheet 5mm
5000 series alloy sheet
  • 5005 aluminum sheet 5mm
  • 5052 aluminum sheet 5mm
  • 5083 aluminum sheet 5mm
  • 5086 aluminum sheet 5mm
  • 5454 aluminum sheet 5mm
  • 5754 aluminum sheet 5mm
6000 series alloy sheet
  • 6061 aluminum sheet 5mm
  • 6083 aluminum sheet 5mm

 5mm aluminium plate cut to size

How to cut 5mm aluminum sheet?Aluminum steel sheet 5mm has good processability and cutability, and can be cut according to customer needs (custom aluminum sheets). Customers can easily cut into 0.5mm aluminum sheet, 1mm aluminum plate, aluminum plate 2mm,aluminum plate 3mm , aluminum plate 4mm and other specifications,

 aluminum sheet 5mm exporting countries

Canada Brazil India American Germany Poland Thailand United Kingdom Russia Turkey
Mexico Yemen Spain Kuwait UAE Egypt Saudi Arabia Malaysia Italy France
Nigeria Bahrain Oman Qatar Sri Lanka Bangladesh Belgium Netherlands Iran Venezuela

 Aluminum sheet 5mm supplier

Huawei Aluminum Metals has its own production plant, has 22 years of experience in the production of aluminum sheet products and 15 years of export experience, and has established business partnerships with many countries. As a powerful aluminum sheet 5mm manufacturer, we provide customers with a purchasing experience of aluminum sheet supplier near me, and provide buyers with the most suitable solution.

 Embossed 5mm aluminum sheet

The 5mm thick aluminum sheet has a certain load-bearing capacity (5mm thick aluminum sheet), which can carry some heavy objects over one hundred kilograms. Therefore, it can be used on some car pedals and all floors of houses. In order to increase friction and ornamental, we will emboss on it, also called embossed 5mm aluminum sheet. There can also be more expansions in use.

embossed aluminum sheet 5mm
embossed aluminum sheet 5mm


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