heat transfer plates

Alloy AL1000-8000 series
Temper O,H12,H14,H16,H18,H20,H22,H24,H26,H28,H122,T6,T651
Width 2″,3″,3.75″,4″, etc.
Thickness 0.1mm-8mm
Length 10″-50″
Specifications 1/2″ PEX tubing, 1/4″ PEX tubingetc,3/4″ PEX tubing.
Features High purity, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, long life
Apply room,building
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 What are aluminum heat transfer plates?

Heat transfer plate is a kind of boundary insulation strip, also known as corner insulation strip. Plate heat transfer is pasted around the wall to prevent heat from leaking along the corner. At the same time, it also has the function of absorbing the thermal expansion of the cement layer and preventing the ground from cracking.

heat transfer plates

 Advantages of heat transfer plates

Aluminum heat transfer plates have better “low emissivity”. The emissivity of floor heating aluminum strips is 0.05, and that of ordinary materials is 0.95. This means that when aluminum heats up, it emits much lower radiant energy (just 5%) than most other materials. Heat transfer flat plate helps move heat away from ducts and dissipates heat through joist spaces and floors. The heat transfer sheet supports the plastic heat exchanger tubes, greatly reducing heat loss in the downward direction.

 Heat transfer plates grooves type

Alimunimum heat transfer plates have a variety of different card slot types, the most common are the following three.

Single groove heat transfer plate Single groove heat transfer plate
Double heat transfer plates double groove heat transfer plate
Three Grooves Heat Transfer Plate Three Grooves Heat Transfer Plate

 Huawei pex heat transfer plates supply

Huawei Aluminum can provide heat transfer sheets in various sizes and specifications to meet customer needs to the greatest extent. Common specifications are as follows

1 2 pex aluminum heat transfer plates 1 2 pex heat transfer plates
3 4 pex heat transfer plates 3 8 pex heat transfer plates
1 pex tubing heat transfer plates pex heat transfer plate

 What can a Heat transfer plate do for you in the cold winter?

Most cold places need continuous heat for indoor heating. Heat transfer is a more conventional way-transmitting heat through the flow of warm water (the whole room is covered with pipes, and warm water is transferred to the floor through pipes. warms up the whole room). This way of water pipe will produce a large part of the heat loss. The aluminum alloy plate is undoubtedly a material with better thermal conductivity, which can release nearly 60% more heat in the same environment.

Heat transfer aluminum plate
heat transfer aluminum plate

 Why choose radiant heat transfer plates

Is using aluminum radiant heat transfer plates more friendly to people’s living environment? Some research data indicates that people feel more comfortable using aluminum radiant heat transfer plates than in other ways. Radiant floor heat transfer plates do not need humidification for heating, which can better ensure the moisture content of the air and will not bring dry skin.
Moreover, the radiant heat transfer plate can provide direct heat transfer efficiency between the walls and the floor, and provide faster heating to the living environment.

The thermal conductivity of aluminum has great advantages over other metals

Thermal conductivity of metal (unit: kcal/m·hour·degree)

Alloy/Temperature 0°C 100°C 200°C 300°C 400°C 500°C 600°C
Al 174 177 197 234 274 319 364
Cu(0.9Cu+0.1Zn) 88 101 115 128 143 155 168
Cu(0.7Cu+0.3Zn) 91 94 95 100 100 103 104
Cu 337 331 327 322 315 311 307
Ni 50.6 50.3 49.2 48.9 47.8 47.5 46
Ag 364 358 353 348 344 339 334

Although the thermal conductivity of some metals is greater than that of aluminum plates, the cost and weight are far greater than the expenditure of heat transfer flat aluminum plate.

 Performance of aluminum heat transfer plate

The following two pictures are the performance of thermal diagrams with aluminum heat transfer plate and without aluminum heat transfer plate. It can be seen that the heat loss is more in the absence of aluminum heat transfer plate.

Use Aluminum Heat Transfer Plates
Use Aluminum Heat Transfer Plates
Without Aluminum Heat Transfer Plates
Without Aluminum Heat Transfer Plates


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