standard production process of aluminum plate

What is the standard production process of aluminum plate?

Aluminum alloy plate is a new type of decoration material, which refers to a kind of decoration material processed by fluorocarbon spraying technology after the surface is treated by inscription. It has good corrosion resistance and weather resistance, can effectively resist acid rain, salt spray and various air pollutants, can withstand wind and rain erosion for a long time without fading, and has a long service life, and is loved by the majority of decoration companies. So do you know what the standard manufacturing process of aluminum alloy plates is like? The following will take you to understand.

1. Obtain the quota materials according to the production task list, and confirm that the type and specification of the received materials meet the specifications.

2. Check the quality of the surface of the aluminum plate alloy, and there should be no obvious crack defects such as rust spots, pitting, pits, delamination, and scratches.

3. Compile the program on the desktop of the computer according to the cutting size requirements of the production drawing. After the inspection is correct, the material can be cut on the shearing machine.

4. The allowable deviation of the length and width of the cutting material cannot be 1mm. It must be made strictly according to the content size of the drawing, and unauthorized changes are not allowed.

5. When cutting aluminum materials of different thicknesses, adjust the clearance of the shearing machine to avoid deviation.

6. In mass production, the production of the second product must be carried out only after the first product has been produced and passed the inspection.

7. When cutting each piece of raw material, the sequence must be clarified, and any mistakes should be remedied in time.

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