What is the density and weight of 6061 алюминиевая пластина

What’s the density of 6061 алюминий?

Плотность 6061 алюминий is approximately 2.70 grams per cubic centimeter (г/см³) or 0.0975 pounds per cubic inch (lbs/in³).

How to calculate aluminum plate weight according to density?

To calculate the weight of an aluminum plate, you need to know the density of aluminum and the dimensions of the plate. Here’s the formula to use:

Weight = Length x Width x Thickness x Density


  • Длина: the length of the aluminum plate in meters (м) or centimeters (cm)
  • Ширина: the width of the aluminum plate in meters (м) or centimeters (cm)
  • Толщина: the thickness of the aluminum plate in meters (м) or centimeters (cm)
  • Плотность: the density of aluminum in kilograms per cubic meter (кг/м³) or grams per cubic centimeter (г/см³)

Например, let’s say you have an aluminum plate that is 1 meter long, 0.5 meters wide, а также 0.1 meters thick, and you want to calculate its weight. The density of aluminum is 2,700 кг/м³. Here’s how to calculate the weight:

Weight = 1m x 0.5m x 0.1m x 2,700 kg/m³ Weight = 135 кг

So the weight of the aluminum plate is 135 кг. If you want the weight in pounds (lbs), you can multiply the result by 2.20462:

Weight in lbs = 135 kg x 2.20462 знак равно 297.6247 lbs

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