Huawei Alu Metal Factory Alloy Introduction

Товар 1:Алюминиевый лист

Our aluminum plate is a rectangular plate obtained by processing aluminum ingots, and has a very wide range of applications. Such as industrial production, строительство, electrical appliances production materials, household goods, transportation tools, механические части, корабли, body panel processing, так далее.
Aluminum plates can be divided into 1000-8000 series aluminum plates according to alloy grades. The most popular products in the factory are 1000 3000 5000 6000 серии, which can be divided into Color aluminum sheet , Рельефный алюминиевый лист, Mirror aluminum sheet , Anodized aluminum sheet ,Перфорированная алюминиевая пластина,Aluminum composite panel according to the application.

The characteristics of aluminum plate are hard material, moisture-proof and corrosion-proof surface, good workability and strong welding performance.

Товар 2:Алюминиевая фольга

The foil is formed by rolling a large block of almost pure aluminum through giant steel rollers several times, reducing the thickness of the block and spreading it out to make it longer. Lubricants are added during the rolling process to continuously reduce the thickness of the aluminum with each successive pass through the rolls. By repeating the process, the desired foil thickness is obtained, then the large foil is cut to the desired width.
Aluminum foil and aluminum plate are also divided into 1-8 series aluminum foil according to the brand, factory price hot selling1000 3000 5000 8000 серии. According to the application, it can be divided into color coated aluminum foil, anodized aluminum foil, Тисненая алюминиевая фольга, Mirror aluminum foil.

Aluminum foil is characterized by corrosion resistance, стойкость к окислению, and good tensile strength. It is widely used in household packaging and industrial manufacturing.

Товар 3:Алюминиевая катушка

Aluminum coil is an aluminum alloy product obtained by calendering, bending and angle processing of aluminum material by a casting and rolling mill, and the thickness is much thicker than that of aluminum foil. It has a wide range of applications in electronics, упаковка, строительство, machinery and so on. Aluminum coils have 1-9 серии.

Huawei Alu mainly produces 1000 3000 5000 6000 8000 серии. Aluminum coils also have application classifications such as color-coated aluminum coils, anodized aluminum coils, mirror aluminum coils, and embossed aluminum coils.
Aluminum coil has the characteristics of low density, light weight, easy handling, can be strengthened, strong plasticity, and easy processing. It is one of the most common processing materials.

Товар 4:Алюминиевый круговой диск

Aluminum circle are obtained after cutting aluminum plates and aluminum coils. They are processed by punching machines, cut out of blanks (cut into squares), and then blanked and punched into the wafers you want. Aluminum wafers are commonly processed with 1000 3000 aluminum alloys, and have a wide range of applications in traffic signs, kitchen, decoration, tanks and so on. Aluminum discs have the characteristics of easy forming, high reflectivity and stable performance.

Товар 5:Алюминиевая полоса

Aluminum strip is an aluminum deep-processed product formed from pure aluminum or aluminum alloy raw material aluminum coil, which is formed by rolling and slitting of aluminum coil by cold rolling mill. It is a widely used and important raw material. Thin-plate aluminum coils of different thicknesses and widths are longitudinally slit into aluminum strips of different widths by a slitting machine according to the application. Aluminum strips can be divided into transformer aluminum strips, cable aluminum strips, stamped aluminum strips, alloy aluminum strips, and semi-hard aluminum strips according to their uses.

The aluminum strip is characterized by rich colors, strong decoration, strong weather resistance, stable color, advanced technology and high bending resistance.