1100 алюминиевый круг

сплав 1100,а1100, Ал1100
Характер О,H12,H14,H16,H18,H20,H22,H24,H26,H28,H122,
Диаметр 150-1200мм
Толщина 0.2мм-6мм
Минимальный заказ 5ton
Сертификация ИСО9001, 9000, GRS, UL, BSCI, так далее.
Destination port Циндао, Шанхай, так далее.
Payment terms L/C, T/T,так далее



1100 aluminum circle disc material introduction

What does the code 1100 tell us about aluminum? 1100 aluminum circle belongs to 1000 серия чистый алюминиевый сплав, same as 1050 алюминиевый диск, 1060 алюминиевый круг. 1100 aluminum circle has low density, good plasticity, 99.0% aluminum content, low strength, but good ductility.

1100 алюминиевый круг диск
1100 aluminum circle disc product

1100 aluminum circle element composition(%)

сплав Да+Вера Cu Мн мг Кр В цинк Другие Аль
1100 0.95 0.05-0.2 0.05 / / / 0.1 ≤0,05 99

Механические свойства 1100 aluminum discs

Характер Толщина(мм) Предел прочности Удлинение
1100 К 0.36-5 60-100 20
1100 Н12 0.5-5 70-120 4
1100 Н14 0.5-5 85-120 2

Насколько силен 1100 алюминиевый круг?

The 1100 aluminum alloy disc is ordinary industrial pure aluminum. Although it cannot be strengthened by heat treatment, after anodizing, it can not only obtain a beautiful surface, but also further improve its corrosion resistance. It has good applicability to products that require formability and high corrosion resistance.

1100 aluminum circles features

Каковы характеристики 1100 aluminum discs?
1. сплав 1100 алюминиевая пластина, хорошее качество рисования.
2.Алюминий 1100 circle has good formability
3. Aluminum disc 1100 has good anodizing quality, suitable for hard anodizing and enamel;
4. The wafers produced by Huawei have a smooth surface and smooth edges.
5. The wafer spinning quality is good.
6. Excellent reflectivity, good for polishing;
7. The anodizing is good, and the wafer product has no four ears;
8. The quality of the hot-rolled wafer is good, the grain is fine, and there is no bending line after deep drawing;

Что такое 1100 aluminum alloy circle used for?

What is the purpose of the aluminum discs? Aluminum discs are used in electronics, daily chemicals, medicine, and auto parts. It is widely used in electrical appliances, heat preservation, machinery manufacturing, automobile, mold, строительство, printing and other industries.
Например, kitchen utensils such as non-stick pans, pressure cookers, и т.п., and hardware products such as lampshades, water heater shells, road signs and nameplates are all made of 1100 алюминиевый круг.

aluminum circle used for road sign
aluminum circle used for road sign
1100 aluminum circle used for pans
1100 aluminum circle used for pans

High quality aluminum round supplier

У Huawei есть 21 years of experience in the production of aluminum wafers, and has exported aluminum alloy wafers to more than 60 countries around the world, which can provide you with product quality assurance.
1. Huawei can provide wafer products with strong hardness and precise size.
2. We can produce multi-standard wafers for your choice
3. Good after-sales service, patient after-sales service
4. Customization with heart
5. Price concessions
6. Standing stock


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