the classification of aluminum sheet

What is the classification of aluminum sheet?

Aluminum plate is a product made of aluminum material pressed and rolled under strong pressure.

Aluminum plate according to the use, alloy type, can be divided into many types, they have different forms. The following classification is the type of aluminum sheet you can find in the market.

Classification by alloy type.
The classification of aluminum plate can be divided into 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 6000, 7000, 8000 series aluminum plate according to the alloy. This classification is distinguished by the different metal elements added.

Classified by use.
1)Perforated aluminum plate

Perforated aluminum, as the name implies, is a panel of aluminum with regular round holes, known for its beautiful appearance, it is often used in applications that need to add aesthetic value. Includes interior/exterior design, ceiling construction, sunshades, screens and other decorative panels for architecture, construction and construction.

2)Gemusterte Aluminiumplatte

Patterned aluminum panels feature many raised shadow markings on one side, while the other side remains untextured. Patterned aluminum is strong and can withstand high impact force, which has a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. Patterned aluminum panels have excellent strength and robustness, and you can use them for heavy duty applications.

3)Brushed aluminum plate

Brushed aluminum can be beautifully patterned on the surface. This type of aluminum sheet metal is also ideal for creating aesthetic effects and is carefully polished for home and industrial applications.

4) composite aluminum plate

Composite aluminum plates are often referred to as ACS for short. It consists of aluminum sheets coated with coils that are bonded to a non-aluminum core that is mostly plastic. They are among the lightest aluminum sheet metals on the market. Composite aluminum sheets are also strong because they weigh so little. This property makes them ideal for exterior cladding. Because of this, they are sometimes referred to as two-key boards or sandwich boards.

5)Anodized aluminum plate

In chemistry, anodic oxidation is the process of increasing the thickness of a metal plate by introducing a layer of oxygen. This means the anodized aluminum plate has an oxygen layer. The goal of this layer is to increase the metal’s resistance to the effects of wear. Anodized aluminum plates are often used for decoration. This is because they tend to form strong bonds with other materials.

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