aluminum sheet type

What kinds of aluminum sheet materials can be divided into?

There are many types of aluminum plates, which can be divided into thin plates and medium plates according to thickness (more details click:🔗Aluminum Sheet Thickness Classification Table). According to the processing technology, it can be divided into cold-rolled plate and hot-rolled plate; according to the processing method, it can be divided into pattern aluminum plate, diamond aluminum plate and other types.

The most common classification of aluminum plate materials is still divided by brand alloy composition, which is also the most official classification method for people. Aluminum materials and aluminum plates are divided into 1-8 श्रृंखला. The most different between these series is that the metal elements contained in the aluminum material are different.

The brand classification table of aluminum sheet is as follows:

संख्या मिश्र धातु श्रृंखला एल्यूमिनियम प्रकार
1 1000 Industrial Pure Aluminum
2 2000 Al-Cu Alloy
3 3000 Al-Mn Alloy
4 4000 Al-Si Alloy
5 5000 Mg-Al Alloy
6 6000 Al-Mg-Si Alloy
7 7000 Al-Zn-Mg-Cu Alloy
8 8000 Others Alloy

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