Do you know how the aluminum sheet is made?

The first process: melting and casting.

The main process of casting is:
(1) Ingredients: This step is to calculate the addition amount of various alloy components according to the specific alloy grades produced, and reasonably match various raw materials.
(2) Smelting: The prepared raw materials are added to the melting furnace for melting according to the process requirements, and the impurities in the melt are effectively removed by means of degassing, slag removal and refining.
(3) Casting: Under certain casting conditions, the molten aluminum is cooled and cast into round cast rods of various specifications through a deep well casting system.

The second process: extrusion

Extrusion is a common way of forming aluminum sheets. This molding method needs to first design and manufacture a mold according to the section of the profile product, and use an extruder to extrude the heated round cast rod from the mold. Like some special models 6063aluminum sheet and 5052aluminum sheet, an air-cooling quenching process and subsequent artificial aging process are used to complete the heat treatment strengthening during extrusion.

The third process: coloring and oxidation

The aluminum alloy sheet extruded through the first two processes has poor surface corrosion resistance, and needs to be surface treated by anodizing to increase the corrosion resistance, wear resistance and aesthetic appearance of the aluminum material.

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