063 lembaran aluminium

Paduan 1-8 series alloy
Melunakkan HAI,H12,H14,H16,H18,H20,H22,H24,H26,H28,H122,
Lebar 80-1500mm
Ketebalan 063″(1.6mm)
Panjang 100mm-12000mm
Aplikasi Chemical equipment, containers, buildings, electrical appliances, dll..
Fitur Kemurnian tinggi, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, long life
Ukuran 4×8,4×12,5×10,5×12,dll.
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What gauge is .063 lembaran aluminium?

How thick is the 063 lembaran aluminium? What is .063 aluminum sheet thickness? The thickness of the .063 aluminum plate is 0.063 inches, which is 1.6mm in millimeters. The thickness of 063 aluminum plate is less than 2mm, which belongs to the thin aluminum plate series.

.063 aluminum sheet gauge
  • 063 lembaran aluminium
  • .063 aluminium
  • 1.6lembaran aluminium mm
  • 063″ lembaran aluminium


063 lembaran aluminium

How much does .063 aluminum weigh?

The density of .063 aluminum plate is 2.7g/cm³, which can be calculated by M=ρ.v. Based on a piece of .063 Aluminum Sheet 4×8 specifications, the weight of .063 Aluminum Sheet can be calculated as 12.89kg. Aluminum sheets with more thickness specifications can be calculated in this way.

Ukuran Ketebalan(inch) Ketebalan(mm) Weight(kg)
4×8 lembaran aluminium 1/8 lembaran aluminium 3.174mm 25.56
3/8 lembaran aluminium 9.5mm 76.68
1/16 plat aluminium 1.58mm 23.90
1/32 plat aluminium 0.8mm 6.44
080 plat aluminium 2mm 16.11
0.063 plat aluminium 1.6mm 12.89

.063 aluminum sheet 4×8

4×8 aluminum sheet is one of the most common aluminum sheet specifications. Huawei production line can provide buyers with aluminum sheet 4×8 size of various thicknesses to the greatest extent. The 063aluminum sheet 4×8 size is one of many specifications.

The same specifications of .063 aluminum sheet 4×10 and 5×10 lembaran aluminium 063 can also be provided by Huawei.

.063 aluminum sheet type

063 aluminum plate alloy type:

Among the many alloys, the .063 lembaran aluminium 5052 alloy in the 1-8 series aluminum plate is widely used, and the 063 aluminum thickness sheet 5052 is generally used in ships. 5052 H32 Aluminum Sheet 0.063is one of the specifications.
How strong is 1.6mm thick aluminum 5052? From the chemical composition of 5052 alloy plate, we can know that 5052 is an Al-Mg alloy with medium strength and good weldability. 0.063″ 5052-H32 is a relatively strong product.

6061-T6 063aluminum sheet is also a more common one.

063 aluminum sheet shape type:



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