6082 против 6061 алюминий

6082 алюминий против алюминия 6061

Both 6082 алюминиевая пластина и 6061 aluminum plate belong to the 6××× series (Al-Mg-Si) алюминиевая пластина из сплава. Both of them are aluminum alloy plates that can be heat-treated and strengthened. They have medium strength, хорошие сварочные характеристики, и коррозионная стойкость. Used in the transportation and structural engineering industries (such as bridges, cranes, roof frames, transport aircraft, transport ships, и т.п.).

Which is better 6061 or 6082? After 6082 extrusion quenching and artificial aging, HBS≥80; 6061 is ≥95. 6082 can also be made into T4 state. 6082 is stronger than 6061 under the same condition. The 6082 а также 6061 have many of the same uses, but each has different performance advantages.

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